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R J Trevail offer a dedicated haulage service transporting your important cargo all over Cornwall and the South West

The business of transporting goods between suppliers and large consumer outlets, factories, warehouses, or depots. This includes everything humans might wish to move in bulk – from vegetables and other foodstuffs, to clothes, ore, coal, and other supplies. Haulage also involves the transportation of chemicals in large sealed containers, and the removal of waste.

As the word implies, goods are loaded into large trailers or carriages and hauled between different locations. Traditionally, this was by large animals such as horses or oxen – where the practice may also be called cartage or drayage. However, in the modern age, this act is mostly performed by trains or trucks – with large shipping vessels acting as intermediaries for crossing oceans.


About this service

As part of our services we can source and deliver a variety of locally quarried aggregates, you can find out more about what we can supply on our aggregates page.

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